Choosing the Best Toilet Paper for Septic

By Robert Jones May 30, 2023
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Find the appropriate toilet paper for septic requires striking a balance between comfort and dissolvability, with durability in mind to avoid clogging issues.

Septic systems need two-ply toilet paper that’s both eco friendly and fast dissolving; regular and mega rolls are available.


With a toilet connected to a sewer line, it’s essential that high-quality bathroom tissue won’t clog your pipes and contribute to waste buildup. Select septic-safe toilet paper which dissolves quickly without contributing to waste accumulation; Scott Rapid-Dissolving 1-Ply Toilet Paper is an ideal option as it dissolves 10x faster than traditional paper products and prevents blockages in drains; additionally it is biodegradable without fragrances or dyes added during manufacturing.

This eco-friendly toilet paper is made of 100% bamboo and sugarcane pulp, providing a sustainable alternative to wood products. Additionally, this eco-friendly paper features no perfumes, dyes or bleach used during production, is hypoallergenic, has no perfumes or dyes added and an antibacterial formula which protects plumbing against harmful bacteria – making this an excellent solution for septic tanks and RVs, helping reduce treatments such as pumping.

An easy test can help you quickly determine the ideal toilet paper for your septic system. Just fill a few jars or clear containers with water and add squares from various brands of toilet paper before shaking the jars to see which dissolves faster; thick or towel-like tissues may have difficulty dissolving in septic systems and cause blockages.

For optimal septic tank use, choose toilet paper that dissolves completely in water; this will prevent clogs and waste buildup in your tank. Also look out for chlorine-free options as any chlorine exposure could disrupt anaerobic bacteria responsible for degrading waste in septic tanks.

Selecting the proper toilet paper is crucial when it comes to maintaining a healthy septic tank. Avoid 3-ply, quilted or scented toilet paper which could have adverse effects on your tank; opt for recycled material with soft texture made from recycled waste that is tree- and chlorine-free for optimal performance and environmental sustainability.


When it comes to toilet paper, not all brands are created equal. When living with a septic tank system, homeowners need to select products that are safe for your system and that you select something safe – that means avoiding products like “flushable wipes”, which may clog plumbing and cause serious costs down the road. Instead, opt for brands marked as Septic Safe!

Charmin toilet paper is an excellent option for septic systems. Soft and absorbent, its unique texture is gentle on skin while its strong yet flexible construction helps it resist tears or rips – not to mention being both septic tank and landfill safe! Additionally, Charmin makes an environmentally-friendly choice that is also beneficial for people with sensitive bladders.

Cottonelle Ultra Clean Care toilet paper is another fantastic option for septic tanks. This two-ply toilet paper features soft yet absorbent threads that are also safe for both landfills and septic tanks; free from dyes and inks, making it suitable for those with sensitive skin and RVers and campers alike. Plus! They even come in large packs of 24 mega rolls!

3- or 4-ply toilet paper may be more comfortable, but it could do serious damage to a delicate septic system. Thick products can clump together and lead to buildup in drainage pipes causing blockages. As an alternative, select 2- or 1-ply products designed to disintegrate quickly after being flushed down the toilet.

If you’re having difficulty selecting the optimal toilet paper brand for your septic tank, conducting tests can help determine the ideal option. Fill a clear container with water and drop some squares from each brand of toilet paper into it before shaking the jar to see which floats to discover which brand works best in your septic system. It’s quick and easy way of finding out which products perform the best!

Though scented toilet paper may not typically be the optimal choice for septic systems, Angel Soft’s product stands out. Septic system and landfill safe, its unique scent will leave your bathroom smelling great while being made from recycled material and whitened without chlorine bleaching – these benefits make Angel Soft an exceptional product to consider when choosing toilet paper products for septic systems and landfills alike.

Angel Soft

Angel Soft toilet paper is an exceptional flushable and septic tank-safe product made with biodegradable material that dissolves quickly in water, without disrupting bacteria that break down solid waste. When choosing toilet paper that meets both criteria – flushable and safe for your system – use Angel Soft for best results and to help avoid clogs in your septic system.

Thinner toilet papers with less layers will be easier to break down in a septic tank, making this choice the better option for efficiency. Thicker papers may be more absorbent; however, their slower breakdown process could lead to clogs or blockages in either your septic system or toilet. Also avoid fragranced and scented toilet paper which contain dyes which could contaminate it further.

Septic tanks are underground storage vessels designed to collect wastewater and sewage for initial treatment, usually made out of fiberglass, concrete or plastic construction and featuring an anaerobic process and settling tank. Their design helps minimize organic matter that enters drain fields while supporting ecosystem health by keeping clogs away.

When purchasing toilet paper designed specifically for use with septic tanks, look for labels with phrases such as “septic safe” or “safe for standard septic systems.” Additionally, ultra-plush rolled paper may clog your system, leading to serious clogs in its system.

There are various varieties of septic-safe toilet paper available today, from one-ply to two-ply options. One-ply is thinner and breaks down quicker in your septic tank but may feel harsh against your skin. Two-ply tissue is more comfortable to use while still breaking down quickly in your system.

Quilted Northern offers an eco-friendly toilet paper option for RVs and campers that’s suitable for septic tanks, featuring 12 double rolls that add up to 24 regular rolls – ideal for RV use without worry about clogs! Additionally, its hypoallergenic formulation makes it great for people with sensitive skin as well.


If your home relies on a septic system instead of city sewers, using toilet paper that is designed specifically to be septic safe is crucial for its own wellbeing and the planet as a whole. Septic safe toilet paper breaks down quickly without clogging pipes or the tank; plus it’s biodegradable making for an eco-friendly option in your home!

Septic systems require careful maintenance in order to function optimally, with regular flushes of toilet paper that is soft, absorbent, and safe for your septic system to avoid clogs that require costly repairs or pumping services. Wet wipes or feminine products should never be flushed down the toilet as these could potentially clog it. Toilet paper must meet specific standards set forth by your local authority so as to not require expensive repairs or pumping costs in the future.

For optimal septic toilet paper performance, look for soft yet absorbent tissue that remains durable enough for heavy use. In terms of wet strength, look for high wet strength ratings; in addition, be sure to read packaging warnings about safe disposal methods or other relevant information.

Good septic-safe toilet paper should be free from dyes, fragrances and chlorine bleaches to minimize irritation and inflammation risks. A minimum two-ply thickness will help avoid blockages in pipes. If in doubt about any particular brand being safe for septic systems, try placing some in a jar of water and watching how fast it dissolves before making your decision.

Contrary to other forms of toilet paper, this septic-safe variety is made from plant-based materials without petroleum-derived additives or dyes, as well as being biodegradable, meaning it will break down more quickly in the environment. As such, it makes an ideal addition to homes with septic tanks as well as RVs, boats, and composting toilets.

This septic-safe toilet paper comes in jumbo rolls and represents great value for your money. Made of very strong yet soft construction and featuring pulp from sustainably managed forests and controlled sources, it also leaves less lint behind than competing brands – approved and tested by experts as safe for your septic tank and pipes!

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