Rid-X For Septic Tanks – Do Bacteria Boosters Really Work?

By Robert Jones May 24, 2023

ridex for septic

Septic systems rely on bacteria to break down waste and maintain an efficient absorption field, but when this process is interrupted you could experience clogged toilets, foul smells and leakage issues in your home.

Just for a few dollars each month, Ridex can help prevent such problems with its safe and effective solutions for protecting both septic tanks and systems.

Product Description

Over 21 million homes in the US rely on septic systems to remove wastewater and treat it, providing purification services for household waste. While these systems work beautifully at purifying household waste, many homeowners worry that their septic tank could become compromised in some way. One method used by some is adding bacteria boosters like Rid-X; however, such additives could actually harm existing bacteria populations in your tank, making Rid-X less than desirable and costing significantly more. Homemade alternatives to Rid-X may be safer, easier and less expensive alternatives include homemade alternatives such as homebrewed alternatives to Rid-X.

RID-X contains natural bacteria and enzymes scientifically proven to break down organic household waste, helping reduce sludge accumulation in your septic system and keep it running efficiently. Available in three convenient formulas (gelpacs, powder and liquid), RID-X makes application easy by flushing down toilet – no mixing necessary! Plus RID-X is safe for plumbing systems; simply use regularly alongside regular pumping of your tank.

As well as making sure to pump regularly, there are other steps you can take to keep your septic system in good working condition. Avoid pouring oils or grease down the drain as this will clog your tank with sludge. Also never flush feminine hygiene products, kitty litter, paper towels, cigarette butts or any non-biodegradable materials down your toilet as these could clog or pollute the groundwater supply.

Conserve water by fixing any leaky faucets or showerheads, limiting how much laundry is done each week, running your dishwasher/washer at full loads only, diverting roof/yard runoff to avoid pouring into septic systems/drainfields etc. and diverting roof runoff properly to divert it.

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Rid-X is a septic tank treatment powder designed to break down paper, oils, proteins and starches found in home septic systems to minimize blockages and restore beneficial bacteria that keep a septic tank working efficiently. When flushed down a toilet it works by breaking them down through chemical reaction with beneficial bacteria present within it to aid the breakdown process.

Rid-X contains billions of 100% natural, active septic system bacteria and enzymes which have been scientifically shown to digest organic household waste efficiently and prevent backups in septic tanks. Used regularly, it will keep your system operating at maximum efficiency and help ensure backups don’t occur in future.

Just like our digestive systems, septic tanks require an assortment of bacteria in order to function optimally. Many homeowners attempt to boost this environment using additives like Rid-X or packets of yeast; however, such interventions can actually harm rather than help by killing off naturally-occurring strains in a septic tank.

As well as using RID-X regularly, there are other steps you can take to make sure your septic tank functions optimally. Avoid flushing inorganic materials like feminine hygiene products, kitty litter, cigarette butts or paper towels down your toilet as these contain nonbiodegradable solids which clog your system with nonbiodegradable solids. Furthermore, conserve water when possible by combining loads of laundry or only running your dishwasher and washing machine when full; additionally avoid adding harsh chemicals like bleach, paint thinners, pesticides and gasoline that destroy bacteria essential for degrading waste breakdown within your septic system – these could potentially destroy bacteria that help break down waste in your tank!

When using an additive like Rid-X, be sure to follow its directions precisely. Pour it down your toilet when no plumbing will be in use such as at bedtime or before leaving for work; using liquid canisters is easy and no mixing or waiting is required – plus they’re safe for pipes and septic systems!

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About 21 million households in the US rely on septic systems to treat and purify their household wastewater, with many opting for Rid-X additives as a way of increasing efficiency in this regard. But do these really work?

Septic tanks contain billions of natural active bacterial organisms that help break down paper, oils and grease, proteins and more. Over time however, levels of these beneficial microbes in your system may diminish leading to solid waste build-up in both the tank and leach field which could eventually result in costly backups of your septic system.

To prevent backups and costly tank repairs, RID-X Septic Treatment is recommended as an essential septic tank treatment to balance out bacteria and enzymes in your system and extend its life by preventing clogs and sludge buildup.

Septic systems depend on bacteria to perform effectively; over time however, their numbers may decline and waste can start piling up in both your tank and field, leading to backup or even failure of your septic system.

Rid-X can help septic system owners combat this issue with active bacteria and enzymes that break down paper, oil and grease waste products. Furthermore, it will slow the formation of scum layers on septic tanks to provide for an environment conducive to proper health in their tanks.

Before purchasing septic tank treatments, be sure to understand the appropriate dosage. According to experts in septic tank maintenance, too much Rid-X may disrupt the delicate balance of bacteria and enzymes in your system and hinder its performance. Also essential is having your system regularly pumped out so as to minimize sludge accumulation while continuing Rid-X’s beneficial work.


Many homeowners want their septic systems to function more efficiently, with some even using additives like Rid-X to boost bacteria levels in their tanks. But is doing this really advisable? We consulted several plumbing and septic tank experts about this matter for their insights on this subject; their answers varied considerably.

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Rid-X claims that its product assists septic tanks in remaining clean by breaking down waste in them, helping avoid the potential problems that come from overflowing tanks and their overflow. Rid-X works by adding targeted bacteria and enzymes that break down paper, proteins, oils, starches and paper pulp that potentially blocks drains. Furthermore, this product is safe for pipes and plumbing since it does not contain harsh chemicals or harmful additives.

An important consideration, though, is that adding these extra bacteria and enzymes could impede the natural, healthy bacteria already present in the tank – leading to lower levels of bacteria which cannot fully break down waste products.

Therefore, the Environmental Protection Agency, Septic System Maintenance Professionals and even RID-X recommend having your septic tank regularly pumped. Regular pumpings prevent your tank from becoming full while also helping ensure waste breaks down effectively before entering your leach field.

Limit the amount of water entering the septic system by forgoing showers and washing machines, consolidating loads of laundry, and using water-saving settings on appliances. This will ensure that it does not overflow into your home, potentially leading to backups and other costly issues.

If you decide to use Rid-X, we advise using it only monthly in addition to having your septic tank pumped regularly. By following these simple steps, we believe your septic system should remain in excellent working order for up to 50 years! And in case any problems do arise with either your tank or leach field, make sure that an experienced service company provides emergency septic tank repair as soon as possible.

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