Vacuum Tanks For Septic Trucks

By Robert Jones May 18, 2023

vacuum tanks for septic trucks

Vacuum tanks for septic trucks allow your business to efficiently pump liquid waste from portable restrooms and septic tanks without requiring employees to climb inside them, saving time and money while helping your crew work more efficiently.

Cleaning industrial tanks without using a vacuum truck is difficult and time consuming, yet dangerous. Their powerful pumps extract effluent quickly.


Investment in an industrial vacuum tank rig can be substantial, so it is crucial to carefully consider all aspects before making your decision. No matter if your primary service is septic tank pumping, portable restroom rentals, or waste oil pumping; decisions made early on can have long-term benefits in terms of reduced maintenance costs and keeping trucks on the road serving customers for many years to come.

Stainless steel tanks are among the longest-lasting tanks available and offer greater corrosive resistance than carbon and aluminum options. While their cost may be more, operators who wish to extend the life and use of their vacuum trucks opt for stainless.

Mild steel tanks are one of the least expensive options on the market and provide good corrosion resistance, lasting an estimated three chassis before needing replacement.

Aluminum tanks are among the lightest available and offer the optimal combination of strength, corrosion resistance, and weight. Aluminum tanks make an excellent option for companies concerned about adding unnecessary weight to their vehicle – you’ll be able to carry more waste without exceeding your gross vehicular weight limit! However, should damage occur or leaks develop, skilled welders should always be available as repairs will likely need to be performed immediately in case damage or leaks arise.

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Stainless steel may be more costly than mild steel, but it provides the highest longevity and corrosive resistance of any tank material available today. Furthermore, its lightness means it can carry more waste without exceeding gross vehicle weight limits on single or tandem axle chassis vehicles.

Aluminum tanks are lighter than their stainless steel counterparts and approximately one half the weight of mild steel ones, offering greater payload capacity on single or tandem chassis rigs as well as being ideal for those who may have weight restrictions.

No matter the tank you choose for your new industrial vacuum truck, Transway guarantees it will meet all your specifications and exceed expectations. We provide slide-in tanks for septic, portable restroom and grease trucks which can be fitted onto all chassis makes and models with tailored pump packages to meet all of your suction needs. Talk with us today about your options so we can start designing the ideal rig for your business!

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