septic tank friendly toilet paper

Selecting toilet paper that will help keep your septic system healthy is a key part of maintaining an effective system. The ideal toilet papers will dissolve quickly in water to avoid clogging your tank with debris.

To test dissolvability, put some squares from your material into a clear mason jar filled with water. Shake for 15 seconds to observe how much disintegrates.


Biodegradable toilet paper is an excellent option for septic tanks because its decomposition requires less water, making it more sustainable than its nonbiodegradable counterpart. Plus, biodegradable paper won’t clog your septic system or necessitate pumping services as often.

Before purchasing new toilet paper, always double check if it is biodegradable in order to identify products compatible with septic tanks. This can help ensure the highest level of satisfaction from your purchase experience.

To test whether a certain brand of toilet paper is septic safe, place four to five square pieces into a jar containing approximately three-quarters of an inch of water and cover it tightly before shaking it vigorously for 10 seconds.

One simple and reliable method of testing toilet paper for septic safety is to perform a breakdown test. Simply fill a large jar or other transparent container with two to three cups of water and put four or five pieces of the tissue inside, until its saturation point has been reached.

Remove the lid and shake your jar again for about 10 seconds to break up paper into small particles. You should see them decomposing quickly.

These types of paper are also made from post-consumer recycled fiber, so as to minimize any disruption of natural bacteria in septic tanks that breaks down more quickly and causes sludge buildup. This is essential, as bleach disrupts this balance and causes premature breakdown of waste products causing increased buildup in tanks and subsequent backups.

Though these recycled toilet papers may not feel quite as soft, they still offer an option that’s suitable for your septic tank. Indeed, many brands of recycled paper actually feel softer.

Cottonelle Ultra CleanCare toilet paper features 100% biodegradable fibers in its two-ply design, as well as its exclusive CleaningRipples texture for deeper clean in just one wipe.

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Quilted Northern Ultra Plush(r) is another top choice for those with septic tanks, made from 100% recycled fibers and whitened without chlorine bleach bleach – both are essential factors in being considered septic-safe.

Angel Soft toilet paper is another soft and scented septic-friendly choice, certified to the Septic Friendly Institute’s standards, making it safe for use in your septic system while remaining eco-friendly. Extra absorbent for added comfort, its plant-based fibers break down safely in your septic tank rather than entering sewer systems.


Recycled toilet paper is an excellent option for septic tanks because it breaks down quickly without harming the bacteria living within. Plus, its lower cost could save money in terms of reduced pumping costs in the long run.

Recycled paper can be produced from various materials, but for optimal results it should be free from color or fragrance as these substances could interfere with the natural balance necessary for waste breakdown in septic tanks.

Recycled toilet paper offers another advantage over its non-recycled counterpart: It does not contain chlorine bleach, which can be detrimental to septic tanks and groundwater supplies by killing natural bacteria responsible for helping decompose sludge into harmless waste material.

As multi-ply papers take longer to break down in your septic tank, selecting single-ply toilet paper will prevent clogs while also making sure you aren’t using too much paper all at once.

To test whether or not your toilet paper is septic-safe, place several sheets in a bowl of water and leave for 15 minutes before placing more sheets inside it. If it doesn’t break down within 15 minutes, this product may not be appropriate and you should consider switching brands.

Biodegradable toilet paper like Seventh Generation 100% Rainforest Alliance Certified Recycled Paper for Septic Systems is another great choice, as it decomposes quickly. Requiring less water to dissolve faster in your septic tank, making this an excellent option for frequent users with sensitive systems.

In addition to being septic safe, this toilet paper is also environmentally-friendly as it’s made from 100% recycled papers with no dyes or fragrances added for optimal use in daily life. Making an eco-conscious choice like this an easy and healthy part of everyday life!

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Recycled toilet paper comes from various brands, such as Charmin and Quilted Northern. You can also purchase septic-safe options online through various companies such as Seventh Generation.


Bleach is commonly used to produce white and soft toilet paper, but its use can do damage to septic systems. Luckily, some brands utilize bleach-free methods of production; these brands are more friendly toward your septic tank due to not containing chlorine or any harsh chemicals that might destroy good bacteria in it.

Toilet paper with fragrances, dyes or other added ingredients should also be avoided as these can irritate skin irritation, poison the body and potentially clog toilet traps and drainpipes.

Septic-safe toilet paper is made from recycled material and does not contain dyes or fragrances, as well as bleach or any harmful chemicals in its production process.

This toilet paper designed specifically to work in septic systems comes in one-ply and two-ply options, is Rainforest Alliance certified and Forest Stewardship Council-endorsed – making it an excellent eco-friendly option.

Biodegradable toilet paper is another eco-friendly choice for septic systems, and often more cost effective than its conventional counterpart. Requiring less water to break down, biodegradable paper dissolves faster into your septic tank compared to regular toilet paper; however, its rougher texture might irritate sensitive skin more. Unfortunately, biodegradable options tend to be more expensive.

Though there is an array of types of septic tank-friendly toilet paper to choose from, selecting the appropriate kind for you and your septic system’s requirements is essential in avoiding clogs and maintaining proper functioning of your septic tank.

The ideal toilet paper for your septic system should be thick enough to quickly disintegrate in the tank without taking too long, which will save money in the form of reduced clogs and pumping fees.

Considering purchasing your septic-safe toilet paper online can save time and money; especially if your schedule is busy and no store near your home is nearby.

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If you own a septic tank, it is imperative that you use only appropriate toilet paper products. Some types of paper may clog your system and cause it to back up, while other may cause major delays and costs for proper functioning.

One of the primary advantages of septic-friendly toilet paper is that it dissolves rapidly in water, making it easy for waste water to flow smoothly through septic systems without creating further plumbing issues.

Dissolvable toilet paper can also help you prevent clogs in your septic tank or sink drain, a costly yet annoying and time-consuming hassle that can stop proper drainage of water from flowing smoothly resulting in backups in bathrooms or any other area where wastewater is used. Clogs prevent proper drainage of wastewater leading to backups in bathrooms and any other location where wastewater flows.

Certain varieties of scented toilet paper may damage the bacteria and microorganisms that comprise your septic system, creating an unhealthy environment and prompting more frequent cleanouts of it. This may necessitate more frequent maintenance checks.

While some varieties of scented toilet paper don’t cause issues for septic tanks, other kinds may actually make your system less effective and hasten decomposition due to strong chemicals used to manufacture such paper. Septic tanks contain bacteria and enzymes which maintain balance within their ecosystem and this could upset this natural balance if disrupted.

To select the most effective toilet paper for your septic system, a simple test can be conducted at home. All it requires are some squares from various brands of toilet paper as well as three-quarter full jars or clear containers filled with water.

Start by placing four to five squares of toilet paper into each jar, followed by water. When all jars have been filled up with liquid, give each vigorous shake for approximately 10-15 seconds until all have settled down.

After your test is complete, you should observe some pieces of toilet paper disintegrate into small fragments while other remain relatively undamaged – an indicator that this material will decompose efficiently in your septic system.

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